Camping Ice Grips

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  • This item is 12 tooth claw of ice can be used for ordinary hiking, mountain climbing, ice climbing, crossing, professional expedition wear to take off the convenient, can easily set in the boots off, quality is good, can enhance your when ice and snow mountain through the efficiency, safety, and confidence!
Camping ice grips, or named camping  crampon , it is a unique design of footwear accessories, It can help users to walking stably on the ice, snow surface. It is easy to carry and easy to install on the soles, with the iron rivet on the stretchable rubber, you can walk freely!


Light and easy crampons, suitable for outdoor climbing, also suitable for the snow and ice weather use it, convenient use, easy to carry, and lighter.  
Note  : This product two as a pair
Size:    S 36~39   M 40~42   L 43~46
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