Three Things About Crampon Tooth

Dec 10, 2014

Crampon tooth is an important part of crampons, and here are three things about it. The first is its material. Crampon tooth should be made of hard steel with high toughness. If the texture of the steel is not hard enough, soon the crampons tooth will turn round and lose the ability to stab ice. Some steel is hard, but it is brittle, so crampon tooth made of this kind steel will easily snap when accidentally kicked a stone.

Second, we should note the number of crampons teeth. Usually the number of ice grips teeth ranges from four to fourteen, and more teeth means you can deal with more complex road. It is not recommended to buy crampons with less than 6 teeth, because this kind of crampons does poor performance of fixed and climbing ability in the use process.

The third point is for crampons with more than 10 teeth. And the teeth for these crampons have two kinds, the vertical tooth and the flat tooth. The vertical tooth is designed for climbing the ice wall which is vertical or near vertical, while the flat tooth is for walking.

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