Five Things About Using Camping Ice Grips

Nov 19, 2014

Camping ice grips are equipment used in winter mountaineering or high-altitude hiking, which can help you gain a firm foothold in the slippery ice or snow. And here are five things you should know when using them.

First of all, you should have a pair of shoes suitable for you. When buying shoes, you should try them and walk for a period of time in the shop. Since people have different foot types, and shoe factory also has different production model, shoes which are suitable for your friend may be not suitable for you.

Second, after installing your camping ice grips, walk a few steps as a test, and then tight them.

Third, when using camping ice grips, you should adjust them to fit your shoes; the length of them should be 3~5mm shorter than your shoes, not be too short or over your shoes long, or you will be uncomfortable and even in danger.

Fourth, to climb up, you should always check the condition of your camping ice grips, adjusting screw and checking if the binding is loose, or whether the quickdraw shifts.

Fifth, in some snow conditions (especially the wet soft snowfield in the afternoon), any camping ice grips are easy to be stopped by the snow blocks, so you should use snow guard to increase the comfort and safety.

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