Drifting Waterproof Bag

Jan 4, 2015

Outdoor drifting is now becoming more and more popular, even being part of life. Drifting became a real outdoor exercise after World War II. Some people who enjoyed outdoor activities tried to use the retired inflatable rubber dinghy as drifting tools, which gradually evolved into today's water drifting. 

Drifting needs a lot of equipments, such as the beach shoes, sunscreen products, life jackets, safety equipment and so on. And the drifting waterproof bag is the essential equipment for outdoor drifting. Waterproof bag can effectively hold and protect all your equipment, especially your electronic products such as mobile phone, camera, Pad, and watches.  It uses the high quality PVC material, and made by the seamless world leading production technology, with the roll top design and 100% waterproof effect. We specialized in producing all kinds of waterproof dry pipe bag and supplying best products for our customers.

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