Kayak Spray Skirt

Kayak spray skirt or named spray deck, or spray cover, it is an essential accessory for sit-in kayak. it is a flexible cover for the avoid water splash when paddling.  With adjustable non-skid cockpit connection and adjustable waist strap, Cockpit size can be made according to your kayak models. Spray skirt made from polyurethane coated nylon  or polyester fabric, with all the seams over edge stitch , all with waterproof sticking tape in backside of stitch line .

A kayak spray skirt is an integral component of the kayak-kayaker system. On recreational kayaks, the spray skirt keeps out rain and perhaps the occasional above-average wave. On touring kayaks, the spray skirt allows the craft to stay afloat in seas that would swamp an open boat. On whitewater kayaks, the spray skirt welds paddle craft and paddler into a single watertight unit that can pierce through waves, plunge down waterfalls, and roll over and up again with impunity. In order to do keep the paddler dry and the kayak free of water the spray skirt must fit snugly around the torso of the kayaker as well as around the cockpit combing of the kayak.
To achieve these things, the skirt must fit both boat and paddler properly and be of suitable construction for the task at hand.
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