Kayak Seat Pad

Kayak seat pad has some advantages, they are extremely light weight, environment-friendly, water-proof, Insulation, Anti-aging, ease your pain when you pad for a long time.

Kayak EVA pad for knee & hip :  with shaped high-quality EVA pad, adhesive paper on backside, protect knee from friction on rail. Tear off the back paper and stick on the place you wanted , all is done.

If you are looking for an upgrade to your kayak seating from that hard uncomfortable plastic seat than you have found the answer. The hot seat permanently sticks to most any kayak cockpit or seating area giving the paddler a soft and comfortable solution to what comes stock on most boats. In addition to superior comfort and support, the seat also encourages a slightly forward posture to help the paddler better engage and utilize a thigh brace if you boat is so equipped.

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