Car Cover

Car cover not only protect car paint from dirty dust, snow freeze, acid rain but also the protect the car engine from above damaging, resistance the machine wear and tear. Then you can avoid spend more money to repair your car and keep a good outlook.

Car covers are typically used to protect vehicles that will be seasonally stored and unused from elements such as rain, hail, snow, sun over an extended period of time.
For anyone needing to store a car for an extended time and even for those of us who simply want to protect our vehicle from the outdoor elements, car covers are quite handy.
The best cover will shield your car from pollution, dirt, tree sap, bird feces and sun rays. It will guard your vehicle from dust and debris when it's parked inside as well. Not all car covers are made the same, however. We can offer the car cover satisfied.

Our car cover made up of 100% waterproof polyester fabric, it is wearable and durable. Multi-size can fit for all car , also we supply OEM production with the fabric /size /quality you wanted,  the price is reasonable and competitive, thanks for your purchasing our car cover.

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