Camping Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag for mummy structure, in ensure that adequate internal space also enhanced the warmth retention property. Narrow a stereo boxed structures, also make down distribution more uniform. Comfortable temperature for the sleeping bag - 5℃, the limit temperature is -20℃ is suitable for the spring and land use. Simple and practical design, plus the detail place of heart, this sleeping bag can be your new challenge the limits of the best partners. Sleeping bag adopts 400 t tensile nylon, ensure good air permeability, the drilling pile, the fabric is soft, very comfortable. Inside the sleeping bag filled with 800 g white duck down, downcontent 90%, volume 600, heat preservation effect is good.

A good sleeping bag is very important for a outdoor travel.  It offer travelers a comfortable rest environment. Outdoor Products camping sleeping bags have good quality, Waterproof , good air permeability.

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